CES 2015 – 1st Multi-User Eye Tracking TV Display

At CES 2015 EyeTech showed off the 1st multi-user eye tracking TV display along with several prototypes and developers kits powered by EyeTech’s latest AEye technology.

For the past two decades eye tracking technology has been used only in single user, close distance range on laptops, tablets, and desktop PCs. With the release of EyeTech’s new AEye technology, tracking multiple people at the same time at long distances is possible using a single PC. EyeTech is seeking partners to bring this to market to help improve gaming, digital signage, and much more. View four cool demos of EyeTech’s powerful AEye technology to see how eye tracking will be coming soon to consumer devices to help provide a completely touch-free experience to your next display!

Eye Control Smart Phones

About EyeTech

Founded in 1996, EyeTech Digital Systems is a global leader in eye tracking technology. EyeTech’s engineering expertise in eye tracking and image processing has helped companies across the globe incorporate eye tracking technology into products such as speech devices for the disabled, museum displays, automobile safety, entertainment systems, consumer product prototypes and research systems.

Post by Brant Soler

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