Eye Tracking in Sunlight and Brightly Lit Rooms – No Problem with the new EyeTech TM5 mini eye tracker

EyeTech Digital Systems - Blog - Eye Tracking in Sunlight and Brightly Lit Rooms - No Problem with the New EyeTech TM5 Mini Eye TrackerFINALLY!! Someone heard my plea. I have been searching desperately to find a speech generating device that was small, fast, and was not affected by light. After trying several possibilities, I was left with using either switch scanning, morse code, or other low tech options. None of the cameras used for eye tracking worked outside or in variable lighting.

When I used the EyeTech TM5 mini outdoors for the first time, I was amazed how well it worked. Even the accuracy seemed much improved over my previous camera. I also used it in my family room in the late afternoon where I was always having a problem with too much sun and reflection. Now I no longer need blinds, curtains, or pillows in the window. My caregivers thank you!

Losing my ability to speak has been one the biggest challenges of having ALS for 14 years. I have been feeling my world getting smaller and more isolating. Your new mini has had a tremendous positive impact on the quality of my life. Now I have a way to communicate in my wheelchair, that is fast and easy. Thank you EyeTech!

Eye Tracking for AAC

Post by Brant Soler

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