EYEBOT Kiosk – Interactive Eye Tracking Kiosk

EyeTech Digital Systems - Blog - EYEBOT Kiosk – Interactive Eye Tracking KioskStand out and add an extra element of compelling interaction that engages your customers at your tradeshow/corporate event or retail store with EyeTech’s new interactive EYEBOT kiosk! Individuals visiting your store or tradeshow booth can have a magical experience which leaves them with a lasting impression using EyeTech’s eye tracking technology.

How the EYEBOT kiosk works?
The kiosk is set to attract screen mode while no one is using it. When a user walks into range, the kiosk automatically calibrates to a user’s eyes simply prompts the users through a quick calibration. The kiosk has built in height adjustment with a simple push button. See short video below of a fun interactive game that EyeTech helped design for the Guinness World Records Museum called Connect The Dots.

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Post by Brant Soler

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