EyeTech: Winner at MPEXA

EyeTech Digital Systems - Blog - EyeTech: Winner at MPEXA - Metro Phoenix Export Alliance - Export Challenge CompetitionEyeTech earned the Grand Prize at Metro Phoenix Export Alliance’s (MPEXA’s) Export Challenge competition last night and $25k which will be used towards expanding distribution in Japan, India and China to help spread #EyeTracking across the world.

“Our technology helps people anywhere so being a global company really helps diversify our revenue stream,” said Keith Jackson, Director of Sales & Marketing, EyeTech Digital Systems, and Export Challenge grand prize award winner. “I would recommend any business looking at exporting their product or services overseas connect with MPEXA. By not exporting, we miss out on over 7 billion people who could benefit from our product.”


JOIN US AT CES® 2018 – Booth# 53327

​A big thank you to MPEXA for enabling the spread of technology abroad.

Post by Brant Soler

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