What is AAC?

AAC, also known as augmentative and alternative communication, includes communication devices, systems, and tools that replace or support natural speech. These tools offer an essential lifeline to non-verbal patients with conditions such as cerebral palsy, autism, ALS, muscular dystrophy, stroke, traumatic brain, spinal cord injuries, and Rett syndrome.

The EyeOn is an AAC device that harnesses the power of eye-tracking to help people communicate more fully. Our next-generation technology helps people connect by generating speech and giving them hands-free control of their devices - all with just the power of their gaze. With a glance, a user can express what they want to say-simple or complex-and have a range of tools at their disposal for learning, entertainment, or just to make the day easier. 

Your Voice Matters

The EyeOn helps people with communication and physical challenges experience life more fully by providing them with an easy method to communicate with their families and caregivers. With the EyeOn, users can find their voice, send a text or email, and gain control of their environments through smart devices.

This innovative, FDA-registered technology puts you back in control of your circumstances. Take a class, send a text, or say I love you - the possibilities are limitless. From one word to a thousand, there is nothing more powerful than being heard.

User-Driven Calibration

Unlike other AAC devices, the EyeOn is equipped with user-driven calibration and a team of success coaches to create a custom experience for each user. User-driven calibration helps your AAC device learn how to better serve you by teaching the AI to modify or adjust the existing system to better fit your needs. With user-driven calibration and unlimited 1-on-1 coaching, you can transcend limitations and bring your world to life.

Precision and Integrity

The EyeOn is FDA-registered and complies with rigorous HIPAA standards. At EyeTech, we put integrity and effectiveness first in our pursuit to deliver the most advanced eye-tracking tablet on the market. We are inspired to continue fueling the development of our technology to help make it accessible for individuals to live healthier, longer, and more independently.

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