Android VR HMD Eye Tracking Now Running 500Hz

EyeTech Digital Systems - Blog - Android VR HMD Eye Tracking Now Running 500HZEyeTech, in partnership with Charles River Analytics and Sensics, is taking mobile VR a step further with untethered and integrated ocular response measurement. The VR headset is able to project and track two eyes simultaneously in VR mode. Running at hundreds of frames per second, the system monitors and records in real-time a user’s microsaccades, pupil dilation, and other metrics in response to the VR experience. This paves the way for novel interactions and applications of mobile VR including enhanced immersiveness for entertainment applications or objective physiological response monitoring for potential medical applications.

“Charles River Analytics is excited at the opportunities for both research and operational uses that EyeTech’s advanced, high-speed, and mobile eye-tracking solution provides. Their ability to acquire ocular responses at up to 500 Hz achieves a level of performance never before seen in Virtual Reality (VR) platforms, enabling a new frontier of VR based applications to be explored and produced, further pushing the realm of what is achievable with mobile VR systems.”



About Charles River Analytics
Since 1983, Charles River Analytics has been delivering intelligent systems that transform our customers’ data into mission-relevant tools and solutions to support critical assessment and decision-making. Charles River continues to grow its technology, customer base, and strategic alliances through research and development programs for the DoD, DHS, NASA, and the Intelligence Community. We address a broad spectrum of mission areas and functional domains, including sensor and image processing, situation assessment and decision aiding, human systems integration, cyber security, human-robot interaction, and robot localization and automation. These efforts have resulted in a series of successful products that support continued growth in our core R&D contracting business, as well as the commercial sector. Charles River became an employee-owned co

About EyeTech Digital Systems, Inc
Founded in 1996, EyeTech designs algorithms, hardware, and software for eye tracking systems used in speech devices which help paralyzed individuals communicate and control their computer hands-free using only eye movements. The technology is now being incorporated into emerging industrial and consumer applications in medical diagnostic solutions for neurological testing, simulation and training solutions, vehicle safety, security, gaming, wearable VR/AR solutions and more.

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