New QuickACCESS with HotKey Interface

An updated version of QuickACCESS includes a new HotKey interface to help speed the set-up and calibration process for users. The installer can be downloaded here – QuickACCESS

The HotKeys interface allows the use of the F-keys on the keyboard to set-up a user without needing a mouse or touch-screen. See the summary below:

EyeTech Digital Systems - Blog - New QuckACCESS with HotKey Interface - HotKeys

F1 – Shows the live view to help position the user.
F2 – Perform a simple one point calibration update. Useful for those who may struggle doing the traditional 5, 9 or 16 point calibration. Since every screen is a little different we recommend that the system be successfully calibrated by another person first, then the single point calibration update can be used with the user to adjust the calibration for their eyes.
F3 – Launch a full calibration.
F4 – Cursors becomes invisible. This is helpful when people are using programs such as Look To Learn where the cursor can be a distraction.
F5 – Launches the settings window.
F6 – Hides the HotSpot at the top. This is helps eliminate distraction from the screen.
F7 – Pauses eye tracking. This helps eliminate the need to cover the camera during an eye gaze session when a reseller, caregiver or family member would like to use the touchscreen to adjust something.
F8 – Toggle the left click lock. This can help to reduce accidental clicking while using eye gaze. A message in the lower right corner appears to indicate the new status of the left click lock.
F9 – QuickACCESS exit.

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