The EyeOn Difference

Matching your patient’s needs to the most appropriate AAC device makes all the difference in their lives — and yours. That’s why we designed the FDA-registered EyeOn to fill the many gaps left behind by other products on the market:

It’s the slimmest, fastest, most accurate and lightest-weight solution the world has ever seen. Plus, calibrating it takes less than two minutes, or as long as you need.

State-Of-The-Art Patient Solutions

How can EyeOn help your nonverbal patients? Simple: It unlocks their power of communication. With a quick glance of their eyes, your patients will have access to an entire vocabulary of simple to complex language, and a range of tools to enhance their abilities.

The FDA-registered and HIPAA-compliant EyeOn is suited for medical and Health AI applications, including vision and neurology screenings, AAC speech device accessibility, reading assessments, learning ability evaluations, and more.

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On-Demand Success Coaches

At EyeTech, we firmly believe it takes a village to ensure each patient receives the training and support they need to succeed. Think of us as an extension of your team, eager to help you help your patients. We accomplish this by offering your patients unlimited access to our Success Coaches — our global network of experts who are trained to provide individualized tutorials and troubleshoot concerns to help improve outcomes based on each client’s unique needs.

To help you set goals and monitor progress, we’re pleased to announce that we’ll soon be offering analytics capabilities that will quantify performance across five key metrics: accuracy, precision, robustness, head motion and glasses.

Finding The Funding

Do your patients need help funding their EyeOn device? Medicare/Medicaid, VocRehab, Worker’s Compensation, health insurance and other private employer and government programs may pay for this eye-tracking device if the user has a medical necessity.

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What Sets EyeOn Apart

How do we differentiate ourselves from the competition?
By keeping an eye on what matters most: an optimized user experience.

Pdac Coded

We are PDAC-coded as an E2510 dedicated speech-generating device and E2599 eye-gaze accessory with funding coverage across every state to help work with your client’s Medicare, Medicaid or other insurance.

Tunable Eye-Tracking Technology

Get an FPGA-based framework that allows you to adjust the sampling frequency from low to ultra-high for optimal performance.

Precision Data With Hipaa Integrity

Access unrivaled, eye data intelligence with HIPAA integrity.

Proprietary Algorithms

Achieve unparalleled accuracy and precision with proprietary gaze-finding algorithms used to assess a user’s eyes, pupils and other features.

FdA Registered

Receive a safe and effective device that adheres to FDA standards.

Deep Learning & Advanced Analytics

Gain confidence in data powered by proprietary machine learning algorithms, AI, and advanced analytics.