Quickstart Guide — QuickACCESS Software Hotkeys



QuickACCESS features new Hotkey shortcuts to help speed the setup and calibration process for users. Users can now use their keyboard function keys F2-F8 to setup their eye tracker without using a mouse or touchscreen during the installation process.

Hotkeys include:?

  • F2 – Performs a simple one-point calibration update. Useful for those who want to try and get a more desired result from their initial calibration or for individuals who struggle doing the traditional 5, 9 or 16 point calibration.
  • F3 – Launch a full calibration.
  • F4 – Cursors becomes invisible. This is helpful when people are using programs, such as Look To Learn where the cursor can be a distraction.
  • F5 – Launches  the settings window.
  • F6 – Hides the HotSpot at the top. This is helps eliminate distraction from the screen.
  • F7 – Pauses eye tracking. This helps eliminate the need to cover the camera during an eye gaze session when a reseller, caregiver or family member would like to use the touchscreen to adjust something.
  • F8 – Toggle the left click lock. This can help to reduce accidental clicking while using eye gaze. A message in the lower right corner appears to indicate the new status of the left click lock.
  • F9 – QuickACCESS exit.