Endless Possibilities

We connect the dots between your vision and reality

Our technology is changing the way we understand and interact with the world we live in. The EyeOn delivers problem solving data to guide your decisions, and change lives in ways we once thought impossible. With our eye tracking applications at your disposal, the possibilities are endless.



Open your eyes to all the possibilities with our revolutionary eye-tracking platform.

The EyeOn helps people with communication and physical challenges experience life more fully by providing them with an easy method to communicate with their families and caregivers. With the EyeOn, users can find their voice, send a text or email, and gain control of their environments through smart devices. 



Groundbreaking possibilities in detecting neurodegenerative diseases with EyeTech.

Saccadic pupil movement is changing the way neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer's, dementia, Huntington's, and Parkinson's are detected. With routine eye-tracking, physicians can easily screen for suspected diseases, make early diagnoses, proceed with treatments to slow the disease, and help reduce the need for expensive tests.



Our device analyzes abnormal eye movements of the pupil in the blink of an eye.

Eye-tracking aids practices in utilizing data to screen for early warning signs of cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma, and other conditions, and helps to monitor their progression and treatment. Our devices give clinicians and labs a more sensitive, quantitative, and objective method for collecting and analyzing eye movement patterns to better understand diseases.



Eye-tracking improves students' learning outcomes at home and in the classroom. 

Powerful data insights into students' learning processes allow parents and educators to monitor progress. Continuous screening for reading disorders, learning disabilities like dyslexia, attention deficit disorders (ADHD), and cognitive impairments allows for earlier, more effective intervention. With EyeOn, all students can now excel at learning.



The EyeOn captures micro-saccadic movements of the pupil in revolutionary ways.

EyeTech's proprietary technology is being used to facilitate clinical research by allowing medical professionals to collect subject and patient data less obtrusively. The EyeOn fosters greater patient engagement while gathering robust eye data to produce medical insights at an unprecedented pace and scale.



Eye-tracking technology gives unprecedented insight into real-time emotional responses.

Eye-tracking allows a rare glimpse into the brain, giving deeper, more meaningful insights into emotional responses to visual stimuli. The eyes quickly reveal how people gather information, what influences their decisions, and what grabs their attention. Our data guides product placement in-store environments with a strong emphasis on privacy and consent.

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