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Eye-Powered Tablet Control

Foster simplicity by exchanging the bulk of a USB-based eye tracker for the premium thin EyeOn. Compact, streamlined and characteristically discreet, the 2-in-1 eye tracker and tablet was built to go wherever life needs you. With intelligent eye control, EyeOn makes it convenient to work entirely without your hands. And with tunable, AEye 2.0 Tracking Technology backed by Health AI and advanced analytics, you can collect and process eye data with confidence and ease.

  • FPGA-based framework for tunable eye tracking (up to 500Hz)
  • Patented eye-tracking-on-a-chip design that leverages machine learning and AI
  • Highly precise eye data delivered with HIPAA integrity
  • User driven calibration streamlines setup process

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Compact. Portable. Capable.

The TM5 mini eye tracker offers a surprising amount of power in a compact design. Built with proprietary AEye 1.0 Tracking Technology (e.g. eye tracking on a chip) for effortless processing and low power consumption. Equipped with a magnetic mounting system, the TM5 mini is a highly appealing choice for sharing across multiple computers (home, work, school).

  • AEye 1.0 Technology runs standalone, eliminating the need for PC tethering
  • Easily attach and detach with magnetic mounting
  • Allows comfortable head motion tolerance
  • Advanced light filtering for improved accuracy outdoors

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Powerful. Efficient. Durable Results.

The VT3 mini eye tracker, powered by AEye 1.0 eye-tracking-on-a-chip technology, provides a fixed hardware-based time stamp for the most reliable data, regardless of the computer being used. With its large head motion box and reliable fixed data rate, the compact VT3 mini is suited for complex and demanding research applications requiring higher frame rates.

  • FPGA-based framework is tunable for low to ultra high frame rates
  • AEye 1.0 Technology allows image processing to be conducted on the chip for high-resolution data regardless of PC
  • Greater tolerance for head motion
  • Low latency design for the fastest acquisition and reacquisition of the eyes

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Long Distance TV Eye Tracker

The VT3 XL eye tracker is an easy add-on for large displays requiring long distance tracking (up to 10 feet away). Enter innovation in data collection and create new immersive experiences with the VT3 XL.

  • Track eye movement up to 10-feet in range
  • Supports screen sizes up to 75?
  • High accuracy (<0.5 of visual angle). Supports camera tilting independent of the screen.
  • Includes VESA bracket for mounting directly to TV screen or desktop stand

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