EyeTech Digital Systems Releases the EyeOn Open Eye-Tracking Platform for End Users, Medical Application Publishers and Researchers

Debuting on the EyeOn will be OnBright, a first-of-its-kind suite of software applications purpose-built for the AAC community.

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Debuting on the EyeOn will be OnBright, a first-of-its-kind suite of software applications purpose-built for the AAC community.

MESA, AZ – May 17, 2021 – EyeTech Digital Systems announces release of its software ecosystem for the EyeOn family of eye-tracking tablets, an open platform engineered from the ground up to provide the first truly seamless eye-tracking technology experience. Software-agnostic EyeOn devices support EyeTech’s applications as well as third-party applications, arming engineers and end users with the highest reliability and lowest integration costs in the eye-tracking industry.  The release introduces EyeTech’s OnBright suite of proprietary software applications, purpose-built for augmentative and alternative communication.

EyeTech’s EyeOn tablet combined with its OnBright AAC software is designed to give a voice to non-verbal individuals with conditions such as ALS, autism, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, Rett syndrome, and stroke and traumatic brain injuries. OnBright software applications empower users to communicate, control their environment, work, learn, and improve their overall quality of life – all hands-free, simply using the power of their eyes.

OnBright eye-tracking enabled software applications include:

  • BrightTalk:  a text-based communication app with sophisticated sentence prediction and phrase banks that support fast and intuitive communication for any literacy level
  • BrightControl:  an environmental control app to remotely activate devices like smart TVs, lights and audio systems, with easy access to most-used buttons and automated device set-up tools
  • BrightWeb:  an internet browsing app with smart dwell link isolating features and pop-up control panels that minimize when not in use
  • BrightSymbol:  a symbol-based communication app, designed with speech language pathologists, that allows users to leverage pictures to support communication
  • EyeOn Access:  seamless and intuitive keyboard and enhanced computer mouse control across your entire system using only your eyes

OnBright is the first software suite to incorporate eye gaze first” design, with robust and adaptive precision eye-tracking considered at every phase of development. EyeOn’s on-board data processing chip enables user-driven calibration, which helps the device learn how to better serve each user by using artificial intelligence to modify and adjust the system to better fit their needs. EyeOn users enjoy full control and customization of OnBright software, with a consistent, seamless navigation experience. A cloud-based ecosystem enables remote updates and support, mitigating device loss time. Every EyeOn with OnBright user has access to Success Coaches for the entire lifetime of usage.

“Eye-tracking is uniquely capable of enriching lives and at EyeTech we are committed to delivering a higher quality of life to the AAC community,” said EyeTech Founder and Chief Science Officer Robert Chappell. “Following the debut of our OnBright suite of software applications, EyeTech users can expect a consistent flow of exciting new software and software updates designed to bring further innovation to AAC and medical fields.”

To learn more, visit https://eyetechds.com/.

About EyeTech Digital Systems

Since 1996, EyeTech Digital Systems has been the global leader in health AI. EyeTech’s exclusive, tunable eye-tracking technology and communication tablets combine the flexibility of ultra-high-speed FPGA processing with AI algorithms and advanced analytics to deliver unrivaled, eye-data intelligence with HIPAA integrity. The EyeTech device and software suite, used by more than 10,000 individuals in over 35 countries, continues to advance the fields of neurology, ophthalmology, augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), interactive education, and medical and consumer research. EyeTech recently earned the Gold Stevie® Award for Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Solutions in The 19th Annual American Business Awards® and has been announced as a 2021 CODiE Award Finalist for Best Artificial Intelligence Solution in Healthcare by the Software and Information Industry Association. Learn more about EyeTech Digital Systems at https://eyetechds.com/.

Meet Reuben

Before we met Reuben, he was locked in and struggling with his newly diagnosed disease.

Now with his EyeOn Elite, he is:

  • Making and receiving phone calls to stay connected
  • Using eye gaze with all of his favorite apps
  • He is even getting his PhD in Educational Leadership Policy!