Mounts and Accessories

Add-Ons to Your EyeOn

Choosing the Right Accessory

Communication is a human need and one of the most important parts of our lives. Keeping this in mind, we must always remember that the ultimate goal of AAC is to enable the user to efficiently and effectively engage in a variety of interactions.

When choosing a mounting or accessory option, considerations for the user’s normal daily routines and social activities are extremely important. AAC users need to have access to their devices at all times and everywhere.

AAC Device Mounts


Easily foldable tablestand that ensures the secure positioning of devices. Ideal for transitions between different sites. Custom transportation bag included.

Monty 3D Plus HD

M3D wheelchair mount with the longest reach and the most stability. Tube lengths 500 x 500 x 400 mm (20 x 20 x 16″). UDS-DC and additional 300 mm (12″) tube included. Max. load capacity: 13.2 lbs (6.0 kg). 

FS PentaLock tele

Telescopic floor mount on five-star base with casters, to position communication aids over beds, sofas or wheelchairs. Classic floorstand arm with double-clamp UDS & QuickShift joints on a small–footprint base. Load capacity:  11lbs (5kg).

FS TeleLock

Telescopic rolling floorstand for positioning devices over beds, recliners or wheelchairs. Overhanging arm composed of Monty 3D tubes. Gas spring supported height adjustment. Load capacity: 22 lbs (10 kg).


Buddy Button

The Buddy Button is a durable and reliable single switch that requires only the slightest touch of its 2.5-in (6.4-cm) surface for activation.

Pillow Switch

A smooth and soft foam surface makes this switch suitable for head or cheek activation. Easily fastens to a pillow or wheelchair cushion with safety pin and Velcro.


Activated by pressing down on the top of the switch with a feather light touch - just 0.4oz (11.3g) of pressure required.

Thumb Switch

Capitalizes on thumb mobility. Grip the yellow cylindrical base in your hand and press the red button with your thumb for momentary switch operation. 

Additional mounts and switches can be provided to meet AAC user needs.

Meet Reuben

Before we met Reuben, he was locked in and struggling with his newly diagnosed disease.

Now with his EyeOn Elite, he is:

  • Making and receiving phone calls to stay connected
  • Using eye gaze with all of his favorite apps
  • He is even getting his PhD in Educational Leadership Policy!