The future of AAC just got Brighter

Introducing OnBright

A first-of-its-kind software application suite purpose built for the AAC community 

EyeTech’s OnBright AAC software is designed to give a voice to non-verbal individuals with conditions such as ALS (MND), autism, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, Rett syndrome, stroke, and traumatic brain injuries. OnBright software applications empower users to communicate, control their environment, work, learn, and improve their overall quality of life – all hands-free, simply using the power of their eyes.

OnBright is the first software suite optimized to incorporate “eye gaze first” design. Built based on direct input from end users and Speech Language Pathologists, OnBright delivers a simple and intuitive interface, with robust and adaptive precision eye-tracking considered at every phase of development.

OnBright software and EyeOn devices are designed to work together seamlessly. EyeOn users enjoy full control and customization of OnBright software, with a consistent, easy navigation experience. 

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OnBright eye-tracking enabled software applications include:

BrightTalk is text-based communication app with sophisticated word and sentence prediction, plus abbreviation expansion and phrase banks that support fast and intuitive communication for any literate user.

    BrightControl is an environmental control app to remotely activate devices like smart TVs, lights, and audio systems, with easy access to most-used buttons and automated device set-up tools. Additional features include simple infrared (IR) remote control setup and the ability to press, hold, and repeat signals for better control.

      BrightWeb is an eye-gaze web browser that looks like the traditional browser users are accustomed to, with smart dwell link isolating features and pop-up control panels that minimize when not in use.

        BrightSymbol is a symbol-based communication app, designed with Speech Language Pathologists, that allows users to leverage symbols to support communication.

          EyeOn Access offers enhanced computer mouse and keyboard control using only your eyes, allowing users to easily access other applications for work and leisure.

            EyeOn comes with OnBright - a first-of-its-kind software application suite purpose built for the AAC community.