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BrightConnect is a first of its kind, telephony application for AAC users.


BrightTalk gives you simple and powerful, direct communication tools.

Create a New Book
in BrightSymbol

Learn the basics of creating a new book in BrightSymbol.

Editing Favorite and Default Books in BrightSymbol

Learn how to set up your Favorite Books so they show up on the top of the list.

EyeOn Access

EyeOn Access is computer control for the EyeOn Elite devices.

Avaz AAC on the
EyeOn Go and Air

Take a quick look at Avaz AAC app for the EyeOn Go and Air devices.

You Have Questions? We have answers.

The ideal distance is 60cm.  It can range from 55cm to 65cm.

Regardless of the positioning of the user, on the screen, the user should be visible on the screen looking forward and upright.  One’s eyes should always be as horizontal as possible.

This may require rotating the device to its side.  Success Coaches can walk you through best positioning practices.

The bottom tray can be locked using the bottom right “Eye Gaze” lock icon.  Once locked, the tray can only be accessed by touch.  This prevents the user from exiting the app or going into the bookshelf.

Hold down the reset button on the side of the device for 10 seconds to reset the camera.

Our field service technicians are located across the United States to help with all of your set up needs. When you receive your new EyeOn speech generating device and mount, EyeTech will set up an appointment for a field service technician to meet at your home to set up the wheelchair mount or floor mount and attach the device to the mount. After the field service technician has completed the physical set up of the mount and device, an EyeTech Success Coach will connect with you virtually to help you get started with the speech generating software and eye gaze.


The symbol indicated below will pause the eye tracking. To resume eye gaze activation, select the eye gaze button again.

Device Warranty Information

All EyeOn speech generating devices come with a standard two year warranty to protect against mechanical defects. Upgraded warranties are available to provide coverage against accidental damage, to extend the warranty length, and to provide an advance replacement if your device is returned for repair. Regardless of the warranty type, our Success Coach team will provide unlimited, lifetime support on the usage of the device.

Standard Warranty Premium Warranty Premium Plus Warranty
Warranty Service
Return to Depot
Return to Depot
Advanced Replacement
Term Length
2 Years
2 Years
4 Years
Accidental Damage Coverage?

Who Pays for Shipment of Device to the Repair Depot?


Who Pays for Shipment of Device from the Repair Depot?

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Contact Us for a Quote

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Meet Reuben

Before we met Reuben, he was locked in and struggling with his newly diagnosed disease.

Now with his EyeOn Elite, he is:

  • Making and receiving phone calls to stay connected
  • Using eye gaze with all of his favorite apps
  • He is even getting his PhD in Educational Leadership Policy!