Our Commitment to Our Veterans

Veterans are near and dear to our hearts. Our staff at EyeTech are constantly touched by the incredible work and the sacrifice that Veterans make every day to protect our country. Whether it is a team member, a family member, a friend, or a loved one we all have people in our world that have put their lives at risk to protect our country. We want to honor them and recognize the work that they have done and the sacrifices that have made. This section of our website will be dedicated to Veterans as a resource for Veterans who are using AAC or inquiring about the experience that other Veterans are having with AAC devices.

This Veterans day for 2021, we are giving away an EyeOn Elite for either a Veteran or a VA Medical Center who can use the device for evaluations. Just fill out the form below to enter! Drawing will be held Thursday Nov 18th!

Improving The Quality of Life of Veterans 

Our devices can generate speech that allows veteran patients to effortlessly communicate their thoughts, needs, and wants in complex or simple terms. What's more, our lightweight, durable tablets come packed with customizable tools which will allow our Veterans to control their environment like turning on/off tv's, radios, lights, changing channels, adjusting beds, and much more,  to truly help them live more independently while reducing stress on caretakers and family members.  Unlike other AAC devices, the EyeOn is equipped with user-driven calibration to create a custom experience that can evolve alongside a patient. The EyeOn is a revolutionary solution for non-verbal patients with conditions such as:

Veterans Support Group

We are currently creating a support group of Veterans who currently use our devices.  If you would like to be connected with one, or if you are a Veteran user who is willing to provide assistance other vets, please Click Here to start getting involved.

Success Coaches Help Veterans Thrive

Any EyeOn device comes with a team of Success Coaches who offer unlimited support for increased ease of use and diminished device abandonment - from initial consultation through the time when the EyeOn has become an indispensable part of daily life. We make sure the device works for a patient, and that they continue to get the most out of it, long into the future.At EyeTech, innovation is spurred by our commitment to enhancing life and care for people with disabilities. Our team has years of experience working in the AAC industry and many have a personal connection that drives them to go above and beyond in service to patients, their clinicians, caregivers, and loved ones. We understand that the right device can change a life.


"I had the opportunity to work with EyeTech to provide a communication solution for a veteran. We determined the EyeOn device was most appropriate based on the veteran’s goals and abilities. This device has been a game-changer for my veteran. It gave him his voice back and the ability to communicate with others to include the ability to communicate through text and email! The EyeOn device is also really easy to customize and navigate which was important to ensure the veteran could communicate effectively and efficiently with others. Juliet played an integral part. She went above and beyond, joining our meetings virtually to provide support to me as a clinician and training to the veteran and his family. Additionally, she ensured the correct equipment (ex: mounts) was chosen. Eye Tech’s technical service department is also phenomenal. The overall experience was wonderful! It was stress-free. EyeTech was available when needed. I felt supported as well as my veteran."
Brittany REED, CCC-SLP