The Next Generation Of Eye Tracking Has Arrived

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The Most Advanced Eye-Tracking Tablet On the Market

Meet EyeOn, the world’s slimmest, lightest-weight, fastest, and most accurate tablet with a fully integrated eye tracker. This Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) device combines the portability of a tablet with the predictive power of eye-tracking technology for all-in-one, hands-free accessibility.

Designed to strike the perfect balance between form and function, the FDA-registered EyeOn stands out from the competition by delivering unprecedented accuracy and reliability, amplified sound, up to 10 hours of battery life, and high-resolution imaging day or night. Plus, its slim form is housed in a protective casing for unmatched durability.

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Powering New Possibilities

Say what you want, when you want — with the help of EyeOn. There’s no heavy headset. No difficult calibration. No burdensome set-up procedure. It’s just a powerful, portable, convenient and rugged tablet reinvented around your needs.

Wondering how to leverage EyeOn for your unique needs? Let EyeTech help set you up for success. Each purchase comes with individualized support sessions with our trained global network of Success Coaches, who are available to share screens and provide valuable training. This free service enables greater independence and better support — not only for the user, but also for their family members, caregivers, and therapists.

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Eyeon: The Most Advanced Eye-Tracking Tablet on the Market

EyeTech rapidly understood our business development goals and were quick at working out a solution.

— Daniel Morrison

Eyeon: The Most Advanced Eye-Tracking Tablet on the Market

Simply, one of the coolest things to see… if you want to live on your computer entirely hands-free!

— Rachel Jafvert

Eyeon: The Most Advanced Eye-Tracking Tablet on the Market

Eye Tech makes Quick Access which enables me to use my computer with my eyes!

— Pamela Dahl

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See for yourself how EyeOn is revolutionizing the AAC industry by offering a best-in-class alternative to the cumbersome and inadequate devices you’ve used in the past. Request your free demonstration today to see if EyeOn is right for you and your clients.

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Eyeon: The Most Advanced Eye-Tracking Tablet on the Market

State-of-the-art Patient Solutions

How can EyeOn help your nonverbal patients? Simple: it unlocks their power of communication. With a quick glance of their eyes, your patients will have access to an entire vocabulary of simple to complex language, and a range of tools to enhance their abilities.

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About Eyetech

As the global leader in eye-tracking technology with 24 years of experience, we have helped over 10,000 users around the world regain their independence. We believe the eye holds enormous insight into the human brain — harnessing its potential will meaningfully improve millions of people’s lives. The revolutionary AEye 2.0 technology we deployed fuels our innovation, drives the solutions we create, and raises the value we deliver to our customers.

We pride ourselves on delivering robust, cost-effective, and reliable products that cater to the high-precision needs of our users. Their needs are the impetus that moves us toward our goal of making eye-tracking ubiquitous.

Eyeon: The Most Advanced Eye-Tracking Tablet on the Market

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