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Product Description

EyeOn Go is a 10 inch Android OS based, robust, communication aid (Speech Generating Device) designed to be portable, fast, efficient and effective in aiding in communication between users of all ages and the world around them.

It intelligently generates words and sentences that are then spoken loudly and clearly or shared via a messaging app to assist in communicating with friends, family, caregivers, and everyone in between.

EyeOn Go Accessories:

  • Key Guard - Laser cut key guard for either a 9, 16 or 24 button user interface.
  • Go Strap - Included carry strap that attaches directly to device for easy transportation on the go.
  • Mount - compatible with all major mounting systems for wheelchairs or beds.
  • PowerGrip™ - Included carry handle with 2 integrated 3 watt external speakers for clear communication.
  • BumpGuard™ - Included protective case to help protect against accidental drops and bumps


EyeOn Go Features:

EyeOn Go has simplicity at its heart.
This Android based medical device is easy and intuitive to use. Android reduces complexity, extends battery life and is familiar to many users and their families.

EyeOn Go works with touch, direct switches plus USB and Bluetooth based alternate access solutions. Key guards are also available.

  • Anti-reflective film on display with antimicrobial and anti-fingerprint properties.
  • IR Transmitter to control consumer devices like TV’s, speakers and more.
  • Long battery life to get you through the day without interruption.
  • 3.5mm and USB-A accessory switch ports.
  • Built in Kickstand for easy viewing.
  • 3 user programmable buttons.
  • Front and rear facing cameras.
  • External speakers for clear communication.
  • On going support from EyeTech Success Coaches.

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