Our Promise

We realize that it can be daunting to navigate the funding process on your own, and that’s why our experienced team is here to guide you through the process - every step of the way. We take pride in offering unmatched support, and we will help you find the best funding for your unique needs.


Medicare often covers augmentative and alternative communication devices, when there is a medical necessity. Policies that include durable medical equipment (DME) benefits are often able to cover eye-tracking devices. Our funding department can help you determine the documents you will need to submit and help you navigate the process from start to finish.


Each State Medicaid funding agency has unique requirements, but AAC devices are often considered a medical necessity. Our funding department can help you identify the documents you will need to submit in order to enjoy the life-changing benefits of an EyeOn tablet. Get in touch to learn if we can work with your state.

We’d love to partner with your organization and we proudly offer B2B financing through the Grenke Group. If you are interested in partnering with EyeTech, please reach out today to explore funding options.

We are pleased to accept the CareCredit healthcare credit card. CareCredit lets you say "yes" to a life-changing AAC device. CareCredit is a healthcare credit card designed exclusively for medical services with special financing options. With CareCredit, you can pay for an EyeTech device on your timeline.

The Step-By-Step

Insurance Funding Process

Consult An SLP

A speech-language pathologist (SLP) will conduct an assessment and provide an evaluation of your specific communication needs.

Complete And Submit Funding Packet

We're here to answer any of your questions while you complete and submit documentation to your insurer.

Receive Your Device

After The Insurer Approves Your Request, We Will Arrange For Delivery Of Your Device.

See A Physician

After a face-to-face meeting, your physician will recommend a device.

Insurance Company Processes Packet

The insurance company reviews your application to decide if they will authorize coverage of a device.


If you are just beginning to consider speech-generating devices, the process begins with a comprehensive evaluation from a licensed speech-language pathologist (CCC-SLP). You may get help finding an SLP in your area from the American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA), your state Speech Language Hearing Association, or from local EyeTech regional consultants who can offer names and phone numbers of speech-language pathologists they have worked with in the past.

Request More Info

At EyeTech, innovation is spurred by our commitment to enhancing life and care for people with disabilities. Our team has years of experience working in the AAC industry and many have a personal connection that drives them to go above and beyond in service to patients, their clinicians, caregivers, and loved ones. We understand that the right device can change a life. If you are ready to experience new freedom and independence, start your journey with the EyeOn today. Our team is ready to help you explore the best possible funding options - get in touch today to get started!