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Ability Drive® is a drive control interface that enables you to drive a powered wheelchair with your eyes. Using virtual buttons and eye gaze technology, people who are not able to use a joystick can regain movement and independence. Ability Drive is compatible with the EyeOn Elite.

We can help connect you with an authorized distributor of Ability Drive, if you’re interested in learning more!

Avaz is a picture and text-based AAC app that empowers children and adults with complex communication needs to express themselves and learn.

Expressing thoughts, whenever and wherever, increases confidence in abilities.

From communicating at work or with loved ones to participating and learning in the classroom, Avaz helps with all!

Avaz can be added as your AAC application of choice to your EyeOn Go and EyeOn Air devices – ask us about it today.

Everyone should be able to participate in digital life! Unfortunately, this is often not the case for AAC users. Join.In is a new software solution designed to overcome this challenge and allow AAC users to engage, experience, and enjoy digital life! Includes access to your favorite apps like Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Netflix, Spotify, Instagram, Google apps, Zoom and more! Join.In can be added as an upgrade to your EyeOn Elite – ask us about it today.

MPowerMe and the MyGuide software creates personalized assistive technology cognition aids to increase independence, communication, employability, and inclusion, while enhancing existing services and reducing the need for human intervention.

MyGuide can be added to an EyeOn Go – ask us about it today.

Verbo is available for the EyeOn Elite and EyeOn Go and can be used to create communication boards and educational activities quickly and intuitively. Combine pictograms, text, sounds and voice to design your ideal communicator.

Develop visual scenes and visual supports, access third party applications and use them all with multiple access methods: eye tracking, switch scanning, head pointing and touch.

Verbo can be added as your AAC application of choice to your EyeOn device – ask us about it today.

Voice Banking with:
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Voice banking takes sample recordings of your voice and creates a synthesized voice that sounds like you by capturing your accent, idioms, and speech patterns. For individuals with neurological degenerative diseases, such as ALS, this technology allows them to continue to communicate in their own voice after they have lost the ability to speak. Banked voices can be imported into OnBright communication software on the EyeOn Elite, so that individuals can use their eye movement or other preferred access method to speak with their own voice.

Need help with voice banking? EyeTech has partnered with all the major voice banking providers and we can help you get connected today!

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Before we met Reuben, he was locked in and struggling with his newly diagnosed disease.

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  • He is even getting his PhD in Educational Leadership Policy!